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Billings Ovulation Methods

If one day you asked your guy friend, "What you doing?". Do not be surprise that they might answer you, "Nah, I am doing nothing. Just producing sperm."

Normal, guy after puberty will produce about 1000 sperms each SECONDs. Lets do some calculation here.

Lets say 1000 sperms perseconds, 1000 x 60 = 60 000 sperms in a minutes. *wohoo..I've produce 60 000 sperms when i type till here*

60 000 x 60 = 3 600 000 sperms in an hour.

In a day, you (guy, of course) will produce a freaking 86 400 000 sperms.

Of course that not only things that I've learn in the Billings Ovulation Method Teacher Training Programme. We not only learn to count sperms which we got lost count after a while, what we focus more is about Natural Family Planning.

Okay, read on if you are interested.

As you all know, the Natural Family Planning method that I've learned is the Billing's Ovulation Method(BOM). This method is based on science rather than the traditional methods which based on counting and estimation of days. Why estimation of day of ovulation is not accurate? This question may pop into your head. Well, a girl menstrual cycle rarely have the similar length. It may be lenghten due to stress, sickness or without any obvious reason. When the period is not coming, then the couple starts to worry and lead to stress and this continues.

BOM will allow you to know when is the ovulation day based of external observation of the changes of the body. If a girl is observent, she may realise some changes during the mid-cycle of her menstrual cycle. Particularly, she usually will feel wet and slippery sensation down there.

Primarily, BOM is based on these kind of sensation. It involve the women to record down the sensation that she feels as she do her daily work. Records can be made in the form of charts using colours and symbols. Here is one of the example of the chart.

Allow me to explain the graph and diagram. Mentruation occurs at the first day of the cycle. It is usually marked with red and it last from 3 to 5 days.

In a normal cycle, there will usually be a few days of dry days after the ovulation. These dry days are marked with green. As i mentioned before, we do not estimate. We observe the sensation. If you feel dry, means you are infertile.

Once your sensation changes from dry to damp, this means you might be fertile and intercourse should be avoided if you do not wanna get pregnant. From damp, you will to wet, slippery and to very slippery. This is called a changing developing pattern and you are fertile on these days. From a very slippery days it will change to dry. Its an abrupt change. This signify that the ovulation has occured. It is known as the Peak day. If you were to achieve pregnancy, this is the day where you should have intercourse.

The days after ovulation will usually be dry(green).

BOM can be used to achieve pregnancy or to avoid pregnancy. In avoiding pregnancy, this method has 99% accuracy and it is widely used in China. In past experience, many women are able to detect many diseases simply by charting their sensation. Abnormalities in the cycle can be easily detected.

If you wish to learn more on avoiding and achieving pregnancy or even you just wish to chart your own cycle, feel free to contact me. I have plenty more material and even scientific papers showing the effectiveness of BOM.

Sliding charts above represent the women menstrual cycle and it is used by the BOM teacher to teach their student.

In a nutshell, the 3 days programme ended with a great success. At the end, I manage to capture a photo of Alan giving his speech.

For your information, wet and slippery is the most fertile day.


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