Sunday, December 31, 2006


This is probably the last post in this year. It's new year eve now and I still do not have any plans.
Well, 2006 has been a great year. There are ups and downs for sure. I got to know some new friends, lose some friends, been to some great places and done some wonderful and also some silly things.

we are 1 year old in 2007
2007 will be here in few hours time. Instead of thinking about what I've done why not think about I want to do in 2007.
I self declare that 2007 is Visit Year.

I want to update my blog more regularly and hopefully it will not be a small potato blog anymore in 2008. I want to have more reader. Wanna be the best blog. Wanna win award. hahaha.
In 2007, I want to earn more money also. Lessen the burden of my parents. I wanna go out of Malaysia, make a trip to overseas and soak myself into the salty sea water. In my study, I wanna be more hardworking. Work harder in every aspect.

I just wanna be a better person.

Wish all my friends, my family, my loved ones and myself a GREAT 2007.

Happy New Year, Happy 2007~!!


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Too busy to upload blog.

Have not been updating my blog since Chrismas. Luckily the Taiwan Quake didn't shake my blog. My small-little potato blog would have gone if it hit my blog. It will surely sink like in the movie Sinking of Japan.

I was busy working last few days. Making phone calls and asking people to do survey with me.

In the past week, I am working in a market research company, Synovate. It is situated at the 18th floor of the IGB tower (Mid Valley).

Basically, I go there, sit at the Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) and call people.

Well, this blog doesn't give me any income and I have just recieve some bad news about my study loan.

No choice. Have to work.

So, I have been busy and that's why you see so many post uploaded at a time.


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Christmas Cookies

This post was suppose to be before Christmas.

Today, I want to teach you all how to make Cookies. Homemade cookies would be a great choice of Christmas gift for girls if you guys want to avoid buying silly stuff like Dior perfume which may cost you a bomb.

First, go to Carrefour /Jusco / Giant hypermarket and get a pack of Chocolate Cookie Mix.

Girls would not know if you are using mix like above but they will definitely know if you buy the ready-made cookies.

Oh ya. you will need a bar of butter and also egg.

For each pack, you will need 300g of butter. Cut accordingly.

Beat an egg (you only need one for each pack) in a bowl and do what you do best, MIX.

To score some creativity points, add some chocolate chips or even chocolate bar cut into small pieces into the mixture.

Mold it into whatever shape you want. Well, if you wanna melt the girl's heart, heart (love) shape would be the best. I was rushing that time so I just do triangle and square.

Tada, the finished product.

Sorry, no picture of the finished product. It taste too good that I have finished it before I manage to snap it.

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Penang Trip


In the picture is the tallest building in Penang Island, Komtar. Well, it's nothing compared to our KLCC.

Sorry penangites, you all have to accept the truth that KL is the biggest city in Malaysia and KLCC is taller than Komtar. Nevertheless, penang is still one of my favourite place to visit in Malaysia aside from Malacca, Redang Island, Tioman Island, and the list go on and on and on. =P

Now, with the Komtar picture uploaded means, finally, I have got the pictures of my Penang Trip and I can show you all how does the Most Expensive Char Kuew Teow look like.

Before I go into that, lets see how beautiful Penang is.

In this trip, I did not get to travel to many tourist spot but I travel more to the "makan" spot. One of the tourist attraction that I actually went to is the Kek Lok Si Temple.

Kek Lok SI temple is currently doing their expansion. You may donate pieces of brick use to build the roof of the temple.

Your wishes will be written on the piece of brick.

Here, I manage to took a picture with a pig.

Now, back to the main story, The Most Expensive Char Kuew Teow.

Ok, ok. You may say, " I can find Char Kuew Teow in KLCC / Lot 10 priced at RM 10+ one plate". Well, its aint KLCC / Lot 10 here. It's at the road side, with lots of dust, under the hot sun and with a bloddy hell long queue.

Look at the queue in this picture.

Well, no doubt, it's yummy-licous!

There are actually plenty other food that I get to try in Penang but I dun get to took a photo of them. Many are delicious. I guess my taste bud and stomach had an unforgetable trip to Penang.

On my way back, I took the ferry service.

I will be back, Penang. That is for sure!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I am tired, mentally and physically.


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I am sad

I am very sad and I am changing my blog banner to sad.

When I started this blog (I mean revive the blog back), I kinda promised myself not to publish any sad post. I feel that blogs are meant for sharing of joy and happiness with others. But, today I am just so sad. Sorry.


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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas!! Finally it is 25 Dec. It's actually 5 am in the morning of Christmas. I just came back from outing. Tired, but I am determined to publish this before I go to bed.

How is my christmas eve??

Well, we(me and my girlfriend) cooked for dinner and went for a movie. Just a peaceful Christmas eve, I suppose. We watched the 11.30pm show of Confession of Pain.

Lately, most of the shopping complexes are packed with people. Many are doing last minutes Christmas shopping, what more with the Carnival Sales on the December month. People just buy, buy and buy.

Shopping complexes are also well decorated with their own design of Christmas trees. I particularly liked the design in Mid Valley. They always put a lot of effort to decorate their mall.

Xiaxue blogged this,
" Xmas eve sucks!!!!!
I don't really know anyone who sincerely enjoys it (maybe bangalas, but of course, I don't "know" them), because it is so bloody festive that you are EXPECTED to have fun, EXPECTED to not be lonely.Everyone else is also busy pretending to have fun, so if you don't, you seem like a bloody loser. "

I do AGREE. Everyone will bring out the joy look. Everyone seems happy even they are not. Everyone just doesn't want to be 'the' lonely one.

Ok then, I'll put my christmas wish for good use. I wish that there will be no more LONELINESS, no WAR, no TSUNAMI, no FLOOD, and also something like this under my christmas tree.

This will surely be the BEST Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all my friends!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006


Last night, I went to The Bed in Heritage Row. Its my first time there. Luckily, it turned out to be not dissapointing. In fact, it is great.

Well, half way through the night, some Durex girls came in and start giving out this,

Look at the wordings on the packing. It reads both ways, upside down.

"If it's not ON, the answer is NO".


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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dong Zhi

As many of you may know, last friday was Dong Zhi. In english, Dong Zhi actually means the Winter Solstice Festival which marks the arrival of winter.

With the power of google, I found out that the meaning behind the festival can be traced back to the Yin and Yang philosophy of balance and harmony. After Dong Zhi, there will be days with longer daylight hours, which symbolize positive energy flowing in which means there will be Yang from then on for a long time (Yang = good, bright, warm). Partly of the Yin and Yang philosophy I learned through the Complimentary Medicine Module in my studies. Well, Yin and Yang is also an important element in traditional chinese medicines.

Dong Zhi is also the time for the family to get together to make "tong yuen". Tong yuen are sweet, round dumplings made of rice flour which are boiled in sweet syrup. Literally, "tong yuen" means roundness and so the dumplings symbolize reunion, especially family reunion, as well as smooth relations among family members. The syrup is symbolic of sweetening speech and action towards one another. Eating tong yuen is also supposed to protect yourself from bad luck.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tom Collins Bombay Sapphire

I was kinda bored at home and was surfing the internet. I came across the website for Bombay Sapphire.
The website gives several recipies for coctail with Bombay Sapphire in it. Aside from the urge for an alcoholic drink, my curiosity has made me head over to Jaya Jusco and get a few fresh lemon fruits and a can of Schweppes soda water.

Some of the recipe are quite complicated. One of the easier ones is the Tom Collins.
It requires:
Firstly, you have to squeeze some fresh lemon juice. Cut the lemon to half and bla, bla, know what to do la.
Next, fill the glass till full with ice cubes.
Next, add two parts of Bombay Sapphire. Bombay Sappire contains 40+% of alcohol. So, I strongly recommend you to reduce the 2parts to the level you can "tahan".

Next, add one part of lemon juice followed by sugar syrup. You may wanna add quite a lot of sugar syrup cause lemon can be really sour. Finally, top up the class with a little of soda water. About 30 ml will do.

Ta da! Tom Collins Bombay Sapphire.

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