Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dumpling Festival Dinner

I went back home for Dumpling Festival Dinner. Have been awhile since I last time eat my mom's cooking. Bad son. Everyday not home wan. hahaha

Here are some of the shots of the food on that night.

Image Hosted by

My mom's Kwang Si Yong Tau Fu. Kwang Si is a province in China. That's all i know. The filling of the Yong Tau Fu got meat, peanut and vege (Kau Choi, in cantonese).

Image Hosted by

The the same filling is also stuff in the taufu and steam. Damn nice wei.

Image Hosted by

Then got sea cucumber mushroom chicken also. :D yummy!

Image Hosted by

Lastly, its the plain-cut chicken. (pak jam kei in cantonese). lol..dunno how to translate la.

Will update soon again. :)

btw, Transformers damn nice can!!


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Friday, June 29, 2007

tonight is the night

Image Hosted by

After this I can shout, 'Transformers so nice, can!!'


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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Meaning of bad..

Image Hosted by

Keep it up. A song for you all. Work hard and one year from now you all can sing this song proudly.


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Tugu Negara

Image Hosted by

Ok, here come the part two. Hehe. We went to Tugu Negara there.

Image Hosted by

17mm, the widest I can go. :(

Image Hosted by

This place is nice. I haven't been here like since primary school. Lets say about 10 years ago.

Image Hosted by

The sun is so bright and I don't know how to snap properly. :(

Image Hosted by

Nothing special about this picture but I just like it. got feel. lol

Part 3? Will come soon! Bye!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Image Hosted by


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

KL Photoshoot Part I

Image Hosted by

Last Saturday went around KL to shoot some picture. Went with Kuan Ming. He uses Olympus E410 + Kit Lens + Wide lens + Telephoto lens also. Me? Sony A100 with kit lens only le. :(

Went around KL. Saw some nice plants and flowers. What else, shoot and snap.

Image Hosted by

I personally love the above picture. :D

Image Hosted by

The sun was very bright on that day. Many photos turn out to be underexposed. Sigh, dun even know how to make WB adjustment yet.

Image Hosted by

These are some of the flower shots. Got some more. Will post soon. Comments are welcomed. :)

Image Hosted by

Next stop will be at???

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Lunch with Brian

Last week, I went to meet up with my old old old friends. Erm, not to say that they are old but it is that we have known each other since primary 1 or 2. If you can count, that would be about 15 years of friendship. Almost 1/3 of my life was with them. Hope you guys dun get bored of me. =)

Actually we meet up from time to time. But last week Brian came back from god-knows-where (I always thought that you are in Hawaii/Philippines). Mana tau, you told me you were in Hong Kong.

Lunch with Brian

Hawaii /Philippines / Hong Kong people really can eat. Dude, you can finish a half chicken meal with 3 sidelines along with the muffins. :D

Oh, forgot to say, we makan at Kenny Rogers in Mid Valley.

Kenny Rogers

This is what I have ordered. Quarter black pepper chicken with potato cubes, mashed potato and fruit salad.

We had a good chat.

Lastly, a group photo without me. :)

Image Hosted by

From left: Ban Choon (Joing Malaysian Royal Army now), Brian (going back to Hawaii in August) , Eunice (Hot chick lawyer-to-be), Chan (Doing networking in TPM).

At the end, another group photo with Brian's camera.

Image Hosted by

Oppss, a cute chick just walked passed. Can't help it. :D

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wanna eat?

Image Hosted by

Coming soon~!!


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New layout!!!!!

Fuh..spend like 12 hours on this. Designed the header and edited the html codes from a free template. Did Lots of changes with it. I only keep the colour and font. :)

Comment are welcomed. Please la say something.


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Saturday, June 23, 2007

All the best and 'jia you' ba!!

This post is dedicated to all my P105 friends who is currently in Glasgow, GB. I bet you guys all are freaking stressed up. All the best and 'jia you' ba!! Take a break and listen to this song. :D


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Friday, June 22, 2007

Kek Lok Si Temple

After having laksa, we went to the Kek Lok Si Temple. It is actually walking distance from the laksa stall.

Walking or rather climbing the stairs is way more fun then driving up the place lo. You get to see stalls selling various stuff like clothes and most importantly you get to feed the little turtle there. Erm, it might not be little la. Some quite huge also.

Kek Lok Si temple is a huge place. You get to pai pai (pray) and its an amazing place to visit. The details on the walls are just so detailed. LoL, what am I talking. Aiyah, you all know la.

Now, you can even take the incline stairs to the bronze kuan yin statue. Just pay RM4. The money goes into the building fun of the temple too. So, why not la.

The view up there is just superb but I didn't get many shots cause it starts to drizzle already. Need to protect my baby ok.

That's the end of my Penang post (I hope, I might just find something out of it to blog about).

Next up: I still dunno what, stay tune la!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eat full full then walk walk

Penang trip is not complete without a visit to Gurney Drive. I was there on Monday night but sad to say that half stretch of gurney drive was closed on that night. ;(

Closed!! That means don't have my favorite food. Sigh. But I did had my great time there too. Half stretch also jadi la. Also got great food.

You pick then I fried for you. I wound never miss this especially the fried chicken skin!! ahaha, sure many of you will say 'eewww'. But it's damn nice ok? Not forgetting the pandan leave chicken.

This weird looking shell, I cant find in KL, not in any other place except here in gurney. Never eat before? Then must go try!! They provide chili sauce wan. Dip and eat lo!

Erm, I never order this. But it come with the shell wan wo. Is it suppose to eat together wan ah? Penang people, let me know. I dont care together or not. I just eat only. I like century egg also!

Erm, satay. Where can miss wan. hahaha. Chicken satay made by a Chinese stall. Nice!!

Lastly, a shot of the view from the Gurney Drive. After eat full full go walk walk. Agh, everyday like this can ah?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I blog you, you zorb me!

Saw it in -=[APRILCHERRIE]=-'s blog. I just cant stop myself from blogging it.

Zorbing is a BIG, fat, 3 ½ metre huge inflatable ball, round and bouncy, you jump inside it, it rolls and so do you. I haev always wanted to go to zorbing. Now, its here. Its in Malaysia. Its in KL!

There are two different ways to ride in a Zorbing, one involves getting wet and one doesn’t. Water in the hydro Zorbing Ball is to make the surface slippery so you slide rather than rotate with the Zorbing Ball. The Harness experience is designed as a more extreme ride as you are rotating. It involve strapping you inside the Zorbing Ball and water is added in with you. whoa!!

Up till now you all know what I am talking about or not?

See this video first la.

Zorbing is available in Lake Garden, KL.

Rate Per Person
Price: RM30.00 (Dry) per ride
rate excl. insurance coverage
Up to 2 adult/kids per ride
Price: RM40.00 (Wet) per ride
rate excl. insurance coverage
Up to 2 adult/kids per ride

For more info, click here.

Now, who wanna treat me go zorbing?


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The best pic ever!

The best pic ever? Certainly its not shot by me.

My gf sent me this picture. She snap the picture of an UK newspaper.

..... =_="


Next up,

p.s. I am still lazy. hehe..but i gave you guys a nice picture to see wo. So forgive me la. :D


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am lazy~!

Kinda lazy to update. Connection very slow lar (excuse!). Did this picture. Was taken last few days ago from my condominium.

sky so blue

For higher resolution, chick here.

I will update tomorrow. :D

**Edited** Just before I go sleep.

Ok, now can sleep already. I REALLY need the sleep. Nite!


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Monday, June 18, 2007

Got what here?!

Okay, just one more food post before some post on the places that I have visited. Well, go to penang wo, sure go and eat Asam Laksa wan la. Many would agree if I say Penang produces best asam laksa in Malaysia, some say in Singapore or even Thailand. :D

One of the best place to have Asam Laksa is at the Air Itam market. Very near to Kek Lok Si temple.

Most of the time, this kaki lima would be full of people coming from all over Penang, or Malaysia and even Singapore to eat Asam Laksa.

The main secret lies within the soup. Well, I dunno what is the secret la. It just taste so good. I pay and makan only.

Its truly Asam Laksa at its best. Only RM2.30 leh. Where else you can find leh??! :D


One song to go with your laksa,

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Penang Trip Part II

Well, Penang is no doubt famous for its great variety of food. And, yes, this blog is about food. And, yes those in overseas, please hate me for posting about Malaysian food.

Anyway, I am kinda not very well lately so post gonna be a little slow.

My first pitstop for food is at this Hokkien Mee (or Prawn mee) stall in Machalister Rd.

Its called the Penang Prawn Mee King. Erm, the taste, damn nice la!! Take a look,

Next up: More and more food. :P

Lastly, one nice song for you all.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

I will follow YOU~~!!

Was in Malacca last two weeks. Malacca got a lot of trisaw wan ma. No idea why, all in conquered by Digi.

Most of the trisaw got music player and speaker wan. Guess what song they are playing?

More on Digi,

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lao zha bor??

You guys got visit the cool blogs link on my sitebar before?

Got go to this 老查某 blog before ah? 老查某 is an old lady from Singapore who started acting in the movie Just Follow Law. I watched that movie already, so so funny leh!

This is her photo. Taken from her blog. You guys must be thinking, why I so free go blog on other people.

This is the story. When I was at penang, eating the sister's char kuew teow, got this old lady come and ask me, ' lim ham mik? (want to drink what?)'. When I turn my head up, I saw this.

Doesn't she look like lao zha bor??

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