Saturday, July 14, 2007

clubbing at Ruums


Well, Its officially 10 days of not blogging. I got many to blog but just couldn't find the time to blog. Sigh. Busy busy busy.

Yesterday (13 July) was Yok Dai's birthday. Happy Birthday girl! :D

This girl ah, I promised to bring her go club since first year of university but till now, the final year already still never manage to go. So last night die die also must go club with her. :D

At first went to Maison, pack like sardin. So tak jadi, then go to Passion, wah, empty like cemetery. Sure change place. Aloha was quite happening but too bad its not ladies on Thurday so we ended up in Ruums. :D

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Its actually my second time in Ruums. Came here for its opening. Overall the place not bad. It was quite an great clubbing session le. Everyone so high.

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Drink drink drink and dance dance dance. Notice Chuan Zhen red tomato face. =_="

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Dance all night. The song not bad. environment quite ok. Everything turn out to be perfect. :D

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Not forgetting some session of snapping photos also. I didn't bring my dSLR ler. Photos taken with Julian's camera. Alan so emo adi. so blur.... :p

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All that i can say, This is life!!


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