Thursday, June 14, 2007

Penang wo!

Back from Penang yesterday late evening. Sorry guys, was too tired to blog about it. In fact, I am still tired till now. I was the driver for the whole trip. Well, having to recall for direction in the island of Penang and having to watch out for others skillful drivers in Penang was indeed tiring. Not to mention, I drove all the way back from Penang to KL without stop.

This trip got a bit different because I went with my family. Hahaha, my last trip with my family was probably during my form 4/5. It was Langkawi. That is all that I can remember.

I stayed in Hotel Malaysia. Well, it is not a super grand hotel but I enjoy the cosy environment and friendly staff. We opted for the superior room with 2 king sized bed and 4 breakfast. It was only RM122.

Hotel Malaysia is situated near the upper Penang Rd. It is very near to the night club hot spot in Penang. Got MoMo la, SS and many others. Right in front of the hotel also got the best sup kambing in Penang. Ahem, down penang road also got many entertainment outlet for single men. Got blond wan, black wan, asia and even ah kua also got. :D

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The view from the hotel room was great. I manage to snap the sunset from my hotel room. What you all say? :D

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