Sunday, June 3, 2007

Malacca = Great Food

Okay, back to Malacca. It has been awhile since I last post about food. So, now i going to post about great food in Malacca.

Breakfast : Malacca Tai Pau.
Erm. I post before about this 'tai pau'. Sure will eat each time I go malacca. Aside from the pau, got endless choices dim sum also.

Lunch: The original chicken rice ball.
This one no fake one. Hahaha. I mean, this is not the comersialize chicken rice ball. The rice ball is great. I ate like 8 of those.

After lunch dessert : Nyonya Durian Chendol.
Walking down Jonker St. from the chicken rice ball stall, you can taste one of the best cendol in Malaysia. Some say (I also say) better than Teo Chew cendol in Penang Road. Erm, still a controversial issue la.

Evening Tea : Nyonya Dumpling
From Jonker St., I went to A'Famosa and Padang Pahlawan, to snap snap. Then got this new, huge food court. Saw some dessert. Nice then order and try lo. Peanut 'porridge' not bad. Hardly can find in KL.

Then saw this stall selling the Nyonya Dumpling. I saw this dumpling from the TV show, Ho Jiak before. The stall got the 'Ho Jiak' sign and the picture of the uncle who made the dumpling from his home. Well, why not try it. Erm, not bad at all. But, I still like the nyonya dumpling that my aunt made. Still the best.

Dinner: more to come! Next post!

p.s. Sorry about the pictures problem yesterday. Hope this one will work. :D

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