Monday, June 25, 2007

Lunch with Brian

Last week, I went to meet up with my old old old friends. Erm, not to say that they are old but it is that we have known each other since primary 1 or 2. If you can count, that would be about 15 years of friendship. Almost 1/3 of my life was with them. Hope you guys dun get bored of me. =)

Actually we meet up from time to time. But last week Brian came back from god-knows-where (I always thought that you are in Hawaii/Philippines). Mana tau, you told me you were in Hong Kong.

Lunch with Brian

Hawaii /Philippines / Hong Kong people really can eat. Dude, you can finish a half chicken meal with 3 sidelines along with the muffins. :D

Oh, forgot to say, we makan at Kenny Rogers in Mid Valley.

Kenny Rogers

This is what I have ordered. Quarter black pepper chicken with potato cubes, mashed potato and fruit salad.

We had a good chat.

Lastly, a group photo without me. :)

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From left: Ban Choon (Joing Malaysian Royal Army now), Brian (going back to Hawaii in August) , Eunice (Hot chick lawyer-to-be), Chan (Doing networking in TPM).

At the end, another group photo with Brian's camera.

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Oppss, a cute chick just walked passed. Can't help it. :D

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