Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eat full full then walk walk

Penang trip is not complete without a visit to Gurney Drive. I was there on Monday night but sad to say that half stretch of gurney drive was closed on that night. ;(

Closed!! That means don't have my favorite food. Sigh. But I did had my great time there too. Half stretch also jadi la. Also got great food.

You pick then I fried for you. I wound never miss this especially the fried chicken skin!! ahaha, sure many of you will say 'eewww'. But it's damn nice ok? Not forgetting the pandan leave chicken.

This weird looking shell, I cant find in KL, not in any other place except here in gurney. Never eat before? Then must go try!! They provide chili sauce wan. Dip and eat lo!

Erm, I never order this. But it come with the shell wan wo. Is it suppose to eat together wan ah? Penang people, let me know. I dont care together or not. I just eat only. I like century egg also!

Erm, satay. Where can miss wan. hahaha. Chicken satay made by a Chinese stall. Nice!!

Lastly, a shot of the view from the Gurney Drive. After eat full full go walk walk. Agh, everyday like this can ah?

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