Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dumpling Festival Dinner

I went back home for Dumpling Festival Dinner. Have been awhile since I last time eat my mom's cooking. Bad son. Everyday not home wan. hahaha

Here are some of the shots of the food on that night.

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My mom's Kwang Si Yong Tau Fu. Kwang Si is a province in China. That's all i know. The filling of the Yong Tau Fu got meat, peanut and vege (Kau Choi, in cantonese).

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The the same filling is also stuff in the taufu and steam. Damn nice wei.

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Then got sea cucumber mushroom chicken also. :D yummy!

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Lastly, its the plain-cut chicken. (pak jam kei in cantonese). lol..dunno how to translate la.

Will update soon again. :)

btw, Transformers damn nice can!!


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