Friday, June 8, 2007

Cameron Highland - Final Destination

Back to post about Cameron Highland. So, we left Cameron about 1pm, had our lunch half journey and head to this place, Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park.

Its the final destination before we head back to KL. How to go this place? Erm, from the highway, exit at Sungkai exit and you can see sign already. After you follow the sign half way, you may feel that those signs are leading you to nowhere cause to reach this place you actually need to pass by a malay kampung and oil palm estate. It is so remote that you couldn't even get telco service.

But, I can assure you. It is a nice place to be. Its like walking in the jungle then suddenly you found a Sunway Lagoon. Erm, picture about is not related but it is nice! :D

This is my first time to go to a hot spring. Its so damn hot ok?!

It's so hot that you can even boil your eggs! Imagine if you fell into that pool.

They even provide instruction on the timing for preparing the egg. Setengah masak (Half-boiled) is 2 minutes wor~!

More pictures of hot-spring on next post!

Side story: I miss you! :D

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