Thursday, June 14, 2007

Botanical Garden, Penang

This post was suppose to be later wan but this Yi Jie, act cute wo. Really beh tahan. So, I guess I have to gave in lo. Say wanna compare the macro shots of flowers wo. aiyah, yours very nice adi la. I mean the flower is nice. :p

so, I have to wake up at 9 and start posting. sigh...after this will have to continue my beauty sleep.

Botanical Garden got a lot of monkey. Erm, some can be quite fierce. They would come over and snatch your things especially food. At one point, I was worried that they come snatch my alpha away.

Its green everywhere. I just feel like roll on the green grass just like those in bollywood movie. But, its just after rain le. so cant lo.

Everything seems to be so beautiful after the rain.

got all sort of plants and flower there.

Erm, I like this shot lo.

Anyone know what is the name of this flower?

Hibiscus and the lake. The end.

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