Thursday, May 10, 2007

Smack That

Holiday means less blogging. Hahaha, cause I will be out most of the time but I will try to maintain le.

Was around Sg. Wang lately looking for camera. I am eyeing on Nikon D40. The best deal that I can get is Rm2000. Full kit body and lens along with 1gb SD card and camera bag. Anyone know any better deal, do let me know ok?


Like I've mentioned on the earlier post. We went to Fionna house after exam. Well, we did some silly things le. Julian came out with this "GREAT" idea to play a fool on CZ.

He suggested him to play this 'You hit, I hit' game. Erm, It's something like 'You stript, I stript' in American Pie 2 but minus stripping part. LoL. This is how the stupid game goes. You suppose to hit the other player with a spoon in your mouth and see who hit harder. But, Julian cheated.

Here is the video.



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