Friday, May 25, 2007

Monkey Island then?

After taking some shots of monkey, we leave Monkey Island and rush to start our shows marathon.

First up is the Wild Wild West Show.

Then, multianimal show and bird show.

The bird is smart enough to collect the money as a donation for their own food campaign. LoL.

Even duck participate in the show. I was like, 'Wah, duck also can train wan ah?!'

After, the shows, we went to the safari. Well, basically we sit in a truck and let the animal sees us.

Got lion lo.

Got tiger also.

At about 5, we leave A'Famosa and head down to Malacca town to look for hotel room. Erm, not yet book wan. While hotel hunting, I snap this shot.

Erm, and also this.

Anyone can guess where this two pictures is taken? Challenge especially to those from Malacca. Hehe.

Next up: Malacca's food!

p.s. At 5pm my end of semester 6 result will be out. Wish me luck. *finger crossed*

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