Monday, May 14, 2007

IMU @ 2007

Wah, this post I owe the seniors (p104) so long already. I've promised them to show them how is the new IMU 4th floor look like but till now only post. I guess they are coming back soon and by that time can look at it themselves.

IMU from outside. The work for the annex block is going fast!

Actually when you up on the 4th floor, it does gives you the 'university' feel that IMU have been lack of since day 1.

There are plenty of 'coffee bean' tables and chairs located at the walkway for the student. On top of that, IMU Wireless is FINALLY up, so student can sit here and chat with MSN Messenger.

The view from the top floor.

Erm, have to walk up wan. So now total, we have 4 floors to strain our leg muscle.

Aside from the 4th floor. There are other several changes to IMU also. See, our new computer. Hahahaha.

We also have several of this LCD screen around in IMU.

Finally, the ATM is here.

and, this is how the canteen look like now.

The End. so tired many picture. waited damn long to load.


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