Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Finally! Finally after 3 - 4 weeks of torturing study break and exams, I am in holiday now. End of semester 6 breaks. It is a 7 weeks break and semester 7 will commence on the 2nd of July. I guess I would have plenty of time to do whatever I want to do. Well, I have got my elective to get it done. My topic is travelling and photography. I am suppose to travel around Malaysia and take some nice photos. I need a new camera. I really wish to get this.


Today's last paper was not easy. I just tried my best. I guess that is more than what I can do. After that went to meet up with Fionna. Had dinner at Kaki Corner Steak House then head over to her house to do some catch-up. It was a great night. Back at home now at 5.30am and doing my laundry.

Got to catch some rest now. Tomorrow will be at One Utama and The Curve.

Before I go, just wanna shout one more time. "Yay! It's Holiday!!!"

Nite =) *Sleeping with peace*


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