Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cameron Highland - Waterfall

Okay..finally here is some of the photos from my trip to Cameron Highland. I guess i have to break it up to few parts cause I think I snap about 700++ pictures. All pictures taken with my new Sony A100 dSLR. hehe..comments are welcomed!

We left KL at 12pm. Erm, we are 2 hours behind our planned time. Erm...its very common la..
We exited the highway at Tapah. Went to find food and we got lost halfway.

After had lunch, we managed to find back the way and continue our journey. Half way to Cameron we stopped at some waterfall.

so, we snap snap snap and snap..

oh, thank you, You for reading my blog.

Then, we continue our journey through the winding road to Cameron Highland.

p.s. How is the pictures with new camera?

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