Monday, May 21, 2007

Cameron Highland - Boh Tea

Here comes the part three of my cameron trip. It might goes up to part 5..ahaha..I post fast fast la because I might be going to Penang after this. =)

Besides strawberries farm we also went to Boh Tea Plantation.

If you know about Cameron Highland, the tea plantation we went is the one located in Sungei Palas. There are actually a few of the Boh Tea Center. This plantation is situated kinda far from the Brinchang (the most top town), the roads are small, only one lane and is so near to the cliff. On top of that, from the parking lot, we have to walk through the tea plant to the center up hill.

There is a tea house and a viewing deck on top of the viewing hill. The view.....WONDERFUL!

No wide lens, this is the best i can do. =(

On the way back, there is an grass field, so we tried jumping also, just like smashpOp. Erm, not a bad first attempt i would say.

Coming up : Bpharm Bee Farm

p.s. I fall sick adready. Fever, cough and flu. Penang trip like touch water already. sob.

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