Wednesday, April 18, 2007


12th April was the screening night for the Cupid Blind Date Game, the three guys with the highest votes dated the girl, Jaslene.

Sorry guys, she was the runner up.

I really wanna give credits to the guys from coming out with wonderful ideas such as candle light dinner on top of Bukit Komanwel, slow dance with the girls, flowers, home-cooked food and many many more.

Their videos was shown on that night. It was great night with All Pharmacy Rejects Band (they are damn good!), three funny videos and some silly game to torture the guys. I would say the best guy won the game. He truly deserve it.

At the end, we manage to sell off all the chocolates. We manage to collect some money where part of it will go to charity. To me, I think its a great success. Its not easy to "korek" money from IMU student, okay?

It was also BeeLian's birthday last few weeks. Wish her Happy Birthday oh!

2007 is the 15th Anniversary of IMU. Many event will be coming up soon. Renovation is still going on. Can't wait for the new annex block. Hope IMU will look more like a university rather than a shopping complex.

New block coming up. Picture taken from Vista B tower penthouse.


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