Tuesday, April 24, 2007


An old picture of a doll. It looks real isn't it? It is a doll. We are becoming like a doll. Heart-less and cold-blooded. I am also mood-less now. Things that I am reading slip pass my mind just like how water flow down the river. Its gonna be like the last EOS exam but I am just so no-mood to handle it. I am not trying my best..giving up now..

p.s - I am starting to enjoy posting a short post with a picture each day. Just need to look for the right picture that suits my feeling, upload and post. It's simple and easy. However, I would still post long post occasionally. I have one coming up, but guess it would need to be after my exam.

p.p.s - I wanna get a Nikon D40. Anyone has a good bargain?


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