Saturday, March 31, 2007

When Cupid on Strike..You Decide!!

Finally, B104 is coming out with something.

This time is in conjuction with the IMU 15th Anniversary Celebration. Part of the profit will goes to charity (St Jerome Home in PJ).

This is the first time we do some-sort of reality show event in IMU. Its something like Blind Date. This is the introductory video that me, Julian (the Gay dude), Alan (the Cupid) and Ken (the muscle man) did.

Julian is gay! Wuhahaha!!

To cut the story short, each of the batch will send one guy and girl(at lease) to participate as the candidate. The everyone in IMU can vote for their favourite candidate and the girl with top number of votes and three guy with highest number of votes will move on the the second round.

This is where the date comes in. Each guy will be given an chance to date the girl. Some amount of money will be given to the guy. During the date, there will be camera to record down the whole process.

The recorded bits of the three hot dates will be shown on the 12th April. On this date itself, the girl will choose the guy that she likes and they will go to the IMU ball together (ticket is provided) . They will also have the limelight to start the dance after the prom king and queen.

To date, we have shortlisted the candidates. Here is a their pictures.


Will keep you all updated! Contact me if you all wanna donate!


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