Friday, February 16, 2007

Coffee Terrace @ Genting

Maintaining a blog is hard!
To get post of nice food and places, we as blogger got to dig the wallet and it can be quite deep. Surely its a deep one today.

How to read the chinese name ah?

Went to Coffee Terrace on the 13th February. Its a great, great, great place to have buffet. After paying for RM42++ for the entry, I told myself, I gonna eat to death in this place.
Coffee Terrace has a great variety of food, mainly Malaysia Food but certainly not forgetting the all-time-favourite, sushi corner.

The nyonya food.

The salad bar.

There is something special about the Chinese Corner. You may choose from a few choices of vege and ask the cook to cook it for you.

If you don't like vege, you can go for the China Ramen.

Toss and twist.

Cook, cook.

Yummy ramen.

The dessert conner.

The environment in the place is quite good. I would say it is much better than many buffet places. Those cheap-skate buffet places resemble a war zone where people fight for their food. Well, this is a comfort zone.

Fuhh..long post. Tired and hungry now. All I can afford now is Nasi Lemak at the junction between Vista B and Vista C.


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