Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Just Thai-ed

To me, food is the best thing in life. That is also why you see faces of food more in this blog compared to my own handsome face. Not to say that I am not handsome but nothing beats great food.

One of the best way to start a new year is by having a great new year dinner. I went to Just Thai in One Utama on the 1st of January 2007.

Just This is not some high-class restaurant that charge you RM30 for a main dish. Its just an ordinary restaurant with an ambience environment.

If you can see in the menu, the food there is actually quite affortable. d

  1. Green Curry Thai Laksa

Green curry is something you must try! Green curry may come with their special laksa noodle in which you will have to dip into the curry by yourself or just the curry itself to serve with rice.

2. Tom Yam Soup

Just Thai is just the best place to be. I am sure I will return and have my meal there.


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