Monday, January 29, 2007

I am hungry!

January going to end soon. I promised myself to upload this blog often, if possible one post every two days, which means at lease 15 posts a month. I can say I manage to do it on Dec but in Jan, I fail terribly. This whole month I was busy, so I can only manage to post 8. Well, soon after I have my own not-very-fast broadband connection, I believe the number of post will increase.

Have been busy with assignment, portfolios and class test lately. Aside from the norm, I need to worry about shifting my room, and many other things to worry about. Shifting house is one of the top ten stressful event in a person's life.

Hopefully by this week I can get everything settle down and relax.

Miss having nice food. Have been awhile I post about food. One of the food that I miss is surely the seafood in Teluk Gong.

Look at the crab!!

I wish I can go again and,

eat, eat and EAT!!!


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