Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Countdown @ Sungei Wang

Initially I do not have any plans on the New Year Eve. No plans for any countdown event. Was freaking bored at home - 'Online'ing.
Suddenly, I realise that I cant just pass my night like that. It's New Year, its the first seconds in 2007. I need to find some plan. Most of my friends are busy and after being rejected by few friends, I decided to go to Sungei Wang and meet up a friend who is working there.

Basically, Sungei Wang is damn packed with people.

It's damn FREAKING pack, ok?

When the clock hit 12, there is a firework display. It was fantastic!

The firework was too nice that it took my breath away. Basically, I couldn't breath for at lease 5 minutes.
Nevertheless, it was fun and happening. The best things about that night is that I did not got stuck in any traffic jam.
Happy New Year to you all. Hope you all had a great start in 2007.


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