Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tour Guide

At first I was thinking of looking for part-time job during my holiday, but after several failure and laziness, I gave up. Instead, I became tour guide promoting Malaysia along with the Visit Malaysia year 2007.

This is the story. Mitchelle housemates in Australia, Ashley and Vicky came to visit Malaysia. Both of them are from Hong Kong. Unfortunately, Vicky have to leave early due to toothache.

This is Ashley.

Aside from bringing her around the norm places in Kuala Lumpur, we brought her to Malacca, AGAIN.

This time is slightly different. We went for Satay Celup.

And also, a stroll down the Jonker Street.

We also went to Genting.

I took the opportunity to try out the new roller-coaster, Flying Coaster.

After having much trouble with the flight ticket and MAS, finally she left Malaysia today. Hope she had a wonderful time and hope to see her again. Gonna miss her.

Well, one last word. MAS = Mesti ada salah.

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