Sunday, December 17, 2006

People I wanna meet.

Holiday now but yet busy. After busy being tour guide and yet still travel here and there. =) Tired now cause just got back from a trip to Penang. But I have promised myself to blog at lease once in two days. Well, a trip to Penang without my camera is a sad things. But yet I manage to take many pictures of nice foods with another camera which I do not have the cable to transfer the pictures.

That is like torture!

I guess it will take awhile then only I can blog those photos. Wait and sabar la, ok?

Like I've said, I have been busy this holiday. But there are several friends I would love to (suppose to) meet this holiday.

First, I was suppose to meet up with Jazlynn Wai Yee. She said she is waiting for me to date her. So sorry le. Really hope to meet you one day.

I was suppose to meet up with Yi Xiu also. She was very sad lately. Hope she is much better now. A good girl like you sure will find your happiness and the true love ones soon.

I also wish to meet up with my "Kai Mui", Kai Ling.

Suppose to meet up with Leann too. But just cant find the chance. Too bad she is back to Penang now.

I also wanna meet up with Foong Mun. Has been really long since I last saw you. 4 years maybe, or maybe even more. Many stories to catch up with you.

Well, just hope you all happy and see you all soon and this time I mean it!


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