Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas!! Finally it is 25 Dec. It's actually 5 am in the morning of Christmas. I just came back from outing. Tired, but I am determined to publish this before I go to bed.

How is my christmas eve??

Well, we(me and my girlfriend) cooked for dinner and went for a movie. Just a peaceful Christmas eve, I suppose. We watched the 11.30pm show of Confession of Pain.

Lately, most of the shopping complexes are packed with people. Many are doing last minutes Christmas shopping, what more with the Carnival Sales on the December month. People just buy, buy and buy.

Shopping complexes are also well decorated with their own design of Christmas trees. I particularly liked the design in Mid Valley. They always put a lot of effort to decorate their mall.

Xiaxue blogged this,
" Xmas eve sucks!!!!!
I don't really know anyone who sincerely enjoys it (maybe bangalas, but of course, I don't "know" them), because it is so bloody festive that you are EXPECTED to have fun, EXPECTED to not be lonely.Everyone else is also busy pretending to have fun, so if you don't, you seem like a bloody loser. "

I do AGREE. Everyone will bring out the joy look. Everyone seems happy even they are not. Everyone just doesn't want to be 'the' lonely one.

Ok then, I'll put my christmas wish for good use. I wish that there will be no more LONELINESS, no WAR, no TSUNAMI, no FLOOD, and also something like this under my christmas tree.

This will surely be the BEST Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all my friends!

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