Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Cookies

This post was suppose to be before Christmas.

Today, I want to teach you all how to make Cookies. Homemade cookies would be a great choice of Christmas gift for girls if you guys want to avoid buying silly stuff like Dior perfume which may cost you a bomb.

First, go to Carrefour /Jusco / Giant hypermarket and get a pack of Chocolate Cookie Mix.

Girls would not know if you are using mix like above but they will definitely know if you buy the ready-made cookies.

Oh ya. you will need a bar of butter and also egg.

For each pack, you will need 300g of butter. Cut accordingly.

Beat an egg (you only need one for each pack) in a bowl and do what you do best, MIX.

To score some creativity points, add some chocolate chips or even chocolate bar cut into small pieces into the mixture.

Mold it into whatever shape you want. Well, if you wanna melt the girl's heart, heart (love) shape would be the best. I was rushing that time so I just do triangle and square.

Tada, the finished product.

Sorry, no picture of the finished product. It taste too good that I have finished it before I manage to snap it.

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