Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Malacca "Makan" Trip 2

I've started with the volcanoic "Tai Pau" for breakfast, I shall continue for the lunch and dinner. If not i wouldn't be a complete day trip.

I had chicken rice for lunch. Probably some of you would be able to guess that it is not ordinary chicken rice. Why would I go all the way to malacca for a plate of chicken rice.

Malacca is famouse with its Chicken Rice-Ball. Its a rice molded into sphere shape. It is no ordinary rice too. It taste different than normal ordinary rice with has a dull taste. This one is much more refreshing, and give you a special taste that you will never forget. It will give you the craving after 5 hours not eating it. Its just like you taking drugs giving you the euphoric effect.

**okay okay..I know this it abit exaggerating but it is the truth and "refreshing" is probably not the right words to be use**

The chicken rice serves best with their Barley Limau.

Sorry about the ugly looking chicken. I makan halfway then only remember that I forgot to snap it. Initialy it looks nice. Wanted to omit this picture but think think, what a post of chicken rice without showing the chicken. It is better than me putting a picture like this.

In the evening, probably you would like to take a stroll down the Jocker Street. You might end up with lots of cheap souvenirs for your friends or family members which i personally think it would end up on the shelf and collecting dust.

But, you cannot choose not to go to Jocker Street because there lies the 8th wonders of the world. The Nyonya Durian Chendol and Nyonya Asam Laksa. I shall not say more, just look at the crowd.

I personally loves the Durian Chendol. The taste of the durian in the Gula Melaka is just too nice to resist. I had one in the evening and the euphoric effect just forced me to had one more at night before I leave the place. Hell, why I there world KL doesn't have such chendol.

The Nyonya Asam Laksa is very nice too. Actually this is the first time i had this. Cathy told me that I MUST try this. She say she dun like hot and spicy food but once the taste the Nyonya Asam Laksa, she just loves it. Well, say until like that, I must give it a try and I did not regret it.

The interior design and the environment of the shop is nice too. Here is a few snaps of it.

With a full and happy stomach, I head back to KL.

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